8 Parks of Austin You Want To Explore


Studio Balcones has assessed over 100 parks since signing on to help prepare for the Long Range Plan with WRT and the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department. Here is a guide with some of our favorite new parks:

Peace Point

Tucked away near the Austin hostel, Peace Point is a sliver of land that curves out into Ladybird Lake leading to 360 views of Austin

taylor slough

Reed Park

I have passed by this park on Pecos Drive countless times and never noticed its small parking lot, much less the creek and wildlife trail that extends all the way to Lake Austin. The park is quiet and lovely. At the parking lot, the enormous remains of an old Lime Kiln mark your arrival. Lots to explore.

Gracywoods Park

Gracywoods Park is situated on the Northern Walnut Creek hike and bike trail, a 6.6 mile trail. This playground is very new and includes musical instruments that contribute a melodic element to the large shaded riverbank.

Bull Creek

Bull Creek is always beautiful and it is a very well-rounded Austin park. The creek itself can be a great place to swim and nature trails across the creek have great wildflowers.

Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park

Walnut Creek is a park located north of Chinatown off of Lamar. It’s huge! You will be amongst the mountain bikers of Austin. They were constantly emerging from the woods. The Creek is beautiful and surrounded by limestone. This park also has plenty of sporting amenities, particularly great baseball fields.

Convict Hill

Convict Hill is a little natural gem located near the Highways 290 and 71. This park gets its name from a large limestone quarry where convicts worked during the construction of the second Capitol building.

Gaines Creek Park

Gaines Creek is a haven of Texas landscape in a South Austin neighborhood. I love this park for its ability to immediately transport you onto a ranch.

Eastwoods Park

Eastwoods Park is centrally located north of the UT campus, but has a distinct character. It has great trees, playscapes, a few athletic courts, but also a creek. It also has great history and was the original site for Eeyore’s Birthday celebrations in the 1960’s. (There is a donkey casting to commemorate this.) It was also the site for early Juneteenth celebrations.

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