ATX180 Downtown Scavenger Hunt

Studio Balcones is proud to announce that one of our principals, Ilse Frank, as well as Sam Schwarze, an associate principal from Overland Partners, have combined forces to teach an advanced landscape architecture studio at the University of Texas at Austin. This interdisciplinary studio combines landscape architecture, urban design, and architecture students together in trying to solve Austin’s “Downtown Puzzle,”  in addressing the three defined issues of homelessness, music and historic preservation. While this seems like a tall order, the studio hopes to shed a creative light on the incredibly complex issues facing downtown Austin. The studio is entitled “Austin 180,” and they are going to do just that, to take a 180 degree turn in how they approach, dialogue, and think about our city’s problems to help Austin step into a new era.


Ready, set, Go! Off on our urban scavenger hunt of downtown austin. #atx180 #austin #atx @utsoa #landscapeurbanism


The first assignment was an exciting dive into the heart of Austin. Split into small groups, the students set off on a scavenger hunt on foot with a long list of things to see, do , and experience.
One of the requirements was to not use google maps, which allowed them to fully be immersed in navigating downtown Austin. They then all posted their scavenger hunt findings to the Studio’s Instragram account: ATX180.  Here are some of the students’ posts!


atx180  This ginger beer changed my life. And the new Republic Square has changed the life of the Farmers’ Market! #utsoa #studiobalcones #austintexas #austinurbanatlas #landscapeurbanism #atx2018 #socogingerbeer @socogingerbeer

1. On Saturday, take CapMetro to Republic Square and explore the Farmers Market. Strike up conversation with one of the vendors about the newly redesigned Republic Square and see if they have any opinions on how it has impacted the Farmers Market.

atx180Friends / classmates are glad to hear that the good people at Lake Flato didn’t make this door by mistake #atx #atx180 #landscapeurbanism #utsoa #utsoalandscape @utsoa

2.  Go to the new Central Library & apply for a library card if you don’t already have one. Find the five pieces of public art, go to the roof and listen to the story about the “Doors that Go to Nowhere,” find the Technology Petting Zoo.

atx180 Starting point of the story “The Lost Bowie Silver” #wanderatx #centrallibrary #chooseyourownadventure #utsoa #studiobalcones #austintexas #austinurbanatlas #landscapeurbanism #atx2018

3. Go to Wander ATX and do at least one of the “choose your own adventures”


atx180Yellow bridge #utsoa #studiobalcones #austintexas #austinurbanatlas #landscapeurbanism #atx2018



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