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Bills for Bees! How to support pollinators in the Legislative Session

There are a number of House and Senate bills pertaining to bees and pollinators this year in the 86th Legislative Session. Last week we met with the Agricultural Committee Clerk, Alexander McMillan to learn more about how we can support these bills as they travel from the Agricultural Committee to the House of Representatives.

Here is a summary of filed bills:

  • SB 677, as amended:  Repeals the requirement of an intrastate permit and converts the current free apiary registration to a fee-based beekeeper registration, converts the import permit to a broad interstate transport permit, and exempts beehive removers from paying a fee for registration.
  • HB 2670:  Same as the amended SB 677, except that beehive removers would also pay the registration fee.
  • HB 1723:  Repeals the requirement of an intrastate permit.
  • HB 4212:  Establishes a licensing program for bee removers, including 160 hours of training.
  • HB 2996:  Excludes land in residential subdivisions from being qualified as agricultural land for property tax purposes.
  • HB 136/ SB 2170:  Forms a task force to study pollinator protection.
  • HB 2483:  Bans the use of neonic pesticides in public road right-of-ways.
  • HB 2484:  Creates a Bee Pollinator Task Force, comprised of state agency officials.
  • SB 2691:  Bans the use of neonic pesticides and glyphosate herbicides at school facilities.
  • HB 2108: Expands the cottage food law in multiple ways, including allowing the sale of honey and honey-based products as a cottage food.

Chief Clerk Alex McMillan is in charge of scheduling House Bills to be heard in the Agricultural Committee. He is in favor of calling for an Interim Report on pollinators rather than pushing these House Bills toward review in the House of Representatives. His Capitol office is located at E2.114 and his number is (512)463-0762 Call him to share your support for policy on pollinators. You can also contact Representatives in the Agricultural Committee.

Position Member
Chair: Rep. Drew Springer
Vice Chair: Rep. Charles “Doc” Anderson
Members: Rep. Michelle Beckley
Rep. Brad Buckley
Rep. DeWayne Burns
Rep. Art Fierro
Rep. Thresa “Terry” Meza
Rep. Richard Peña Raymond
Rep. Erin Zwiener

On the Senate side, we are pushing the Committee on Education to schedule SB 2691 and SB 2061 for a committee hearing. This bill prohibits the use of specific pesticides on school property. These are the Senators who sit on this committee. Please contact them, especially if they represent you. It is their job to hear your opinion.

Position Member
Chair: Sen. Larry Taylor
Vice Chair: Sen. Eddie Lucio, Jr.
Members: Sen. Paul Bettencourt
Sen. Donna Campbell
Sen. Pat Fallon
Sen. Bob Hall
Sen. Bryan Hughes
Sen. Angela Paxton
Sen. Beverly Powell
Sen. Kirk Watson
Sen. Royce West

For more information or to check on the status of these bills visit:

Bee & Pollinator Bills

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