Austin Design Week, Design tour

Studio Balcones joins Austin Design Week

We are pleased to announce that Studio Balcones will be hosting two events for the upcoming Austin Design Week this November. The first will feature our new ecologically site-specific benches on the boardwalk along Lady Bird Lake and the second is a workshop with Foundation Communities that will focus on the collaborative process of designing […]

Ilse’s trip to Washington State

A few weeks ago Ilse took a trip to Seattle and the San Juan Islands! Take a look through the places she visited and the lush pacific-northwest landscapes she was lucky enough to go to!  

Belmont Parkway Plunge Pool

We have been dreaming of ways to cool off now that summer has returned in full force. Luckily, we’ve been able to work on designing a plunge pool for one of our residential projects and the refreshing thoughts have been enough to keep us going. We’re all excited for how this will turn out – […]

Homeslice North Loop Playscape + Landscape

Last week we took an office trip to eat at the new Homeslice North Loop and check out the playscape that we designed! The restaurant itself was designed by Michael Hsu Office of Architecture and was very cozy, with just the right amount of eccentricity and quirk to remind us what Austin is all about. […]

Boardwalk Benches are in!

On Friday,  June 8th the first batch of Boardwalk “Stella” Benches were placed and we couldn’t be happier with the turn out! The Stella bench is one of our two bench typologies and there are currently 9 out there, with 11 more coming soon. Hatch Workshop was the fabricator and the wood was acquired through […]

Studio Balcones Celebrates Eight Years!

It’s been eight years and we at Studio Balcones couldn’t be more excited to have shared them with you! We have been looking back on where these years have taken us and where we hope to go next.  We have been so fortunate to work with amazing clients and fellow design teams during these years […]

March for Women Part 3

Today we continue our March for Women by honoring local female designers in the Austin/San Antonio Area. While these women may be local, their work transcends well beyond our beloved city. They are celebrated within their field, nationally and internationally, and we couldn’t be more proud to know them personally and professionally.   Nicole Warns […]

March for Women Part 2

Landscape architecture, like many modern design professions, is experiencing a constant, gradual expansion of the scope of work and expertise required to navigate the projects and challenges of today’s work environment. However, to quote the Landscape Architecture Foundation’s New Landscape Declaration: “Across borders and beyond walls, from city centers to the last wilderness, humanity’s common […]