Boardwalk Benches are in!

On Friday,  June 8th the first batch of Boardwalk “Stella” Benches were placed and we couldn’t be happier with the turn out! The Stella bench is one of our two bench typologies and there are currently 9 out there, with 11 more coming soon.

Hatch Workshop was the fabricator and the wood was acquired through Harvest Lumber Company. All of the wood was reclaimed from trees within Austin and the placards on each bench tell the story of the tree, including the species and zip code it was acquired from.  These benches were funded by Austin’s Urban Forest Grant.

The red circles denote where the current benches are located.


E. Bouldin benches looking towards downtown.


E. Bouldin benches


Close up of E. Bouldin bench made from reclaimed post oak


Blunn Creek bench (1 of 3 at this location)


Blunn Creek benches


Norwood benches being used!


Middle Bluff benches


Middle Bluff benches


Tree ID Placard


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