Destination: Mexico City

One of our founding principals; Jennifer Orr recently took some time out to visit the illustrious Mexico City. A destination that has experienced a rebound in recent years; fashion, art, food and a wealth of architecture are just a few of the things that Mexico City has to offer. Inspiration is around every corner and the story of the last 100 years of the city’s development can be seen clearly from the vastly diverse architecture scene. With the continuation of urban sprawl and having to address the city’s transportation and space issues, there is without a doubt much more to come from the architecture design capital. Mexico City Trip

The National Museum of Anthropology: Mexico City

National Museum of Anthropolgy

Jacaranda Tree

Taking in the view of  a  Jacaranda tree in bloom on a stroll through the city.


Busy commuters zoom by on bustling streets.

Mexico City Towers

A view of the Residencial del Bosque twin towers in Mexico City.

Roma Residential Street

Residential street in the Roma neighborhood.

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