Homeslice North Loop Playscape + Landscape

Last week we took an office trip to eat at the new Homeslice North Loop and check out the playscape that we designed! The restaurant itself was designed by Michael Hsu Office of Architecture and was very cozy, with just the right amount of eccentricity and quirk to remind us what Austin is all about. The turf playscape consists of a series of berms and traversable shapes that kids and adults alike can run and play on and around. The terraced turf area can serve as a couch for the adult crowd that spills over from the outdoor bar area. Here are a  few images from our visit and from the construction and earthwork of the playscape. Enjoy!


Studio Balcones lounging with friends and family on the Homeslice playscape


A little glimpse into how this playscape was made:

Earthwork, Stage 1

Earthwork and Foam Covering, Stage 2

Final look: The Bermscape



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