Inspiration from Peckerwood Gardens!

Last month we visited Peckerwood Gardens with Cindy & Rachel of Hello Kitchen!  It was a real treat to have a private tour of the gardens with the fantastic John Fairey.

The garden boasts 3,000 different species including the largest collection of Mexican Oaks.  It was impressive and fascinating for us to see, understand, and learn from this unique collection of plant species – many of the plants and trees in the gardens won’t thrive in Austin, even though it is just 115 miles east.

In many ways, that sums up the beauty of Peckerwood – a spectacular garden that thrives due to its careful attention to microclimates, soils conditions, drainage/water conditions, shade/sun, etc.  The aesthetic results are lush plantings with varied textures, blooms, and foliage.  And that is what we look for–  An inviting garden that thrives and endures.



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