Studio Balcones designs landscape for Pecan Street Project Home Research Lab

We are excited to be part of a team working on a cutting edge research facility for Austin’s Pecan Street Project [PSP]. PSP is a research and development organization focused on developing and testing energy management systems. As part of their ongoing research, PSP [along with the University of Texas, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory] are building a model home in Austin’s Mueller community. The building will be a testing ground for home smart grid systems for electricity, gas and water utility distribution.


Studio Balcones’ landscape design will complement the indoor agenda through a progressive approach for stormwater filtration and passive cooling. Downspouts off the roof will flow into stormwater planters around the building; street-side biofiltration zones will slow and clean stormwater from the street; and a large green wall will slow stormwater and provide cooling effects for the building.


The planting design will serve as a passive educational element in itself: those areas that receive stormwater will be planted with lush, water-loving perennials, while the dry zones will be clearly more arid.


The landscape itself is conceived as a piece of green infrastructure–in that the landscape is effectively acting as a piece of engineered infrastructure to clean polluted stormwater, through natural processes similar to those found in more naturalized areas. The street-side storm planters are inspired by Portland’s Green Street Project.
We hope to see these innovative green infrastructure approaches increasingly incorporated into urban projects as Austin continues to grow and become more urbanized.
We are excited to be working on this project with Michael Hsu Office of Architecture and The Muskin Company.
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