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Studio Balcones joins Austin Design Week

We are pleased to announce that Studio Balcones will be hosting two events for the upcoming Austin Design Week this November. The first will feature our new ecologically site-specific benches on the boardwalk along Lady Bird Lake and the second is a workshop with Foundation Communities that will focus on the collaborative process of designing for affordable housing.

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2018 marks the 3rd Annual Design Week in Austin and this year’s theme is Open Doors. As designers we think it is important to create transparency between the users and designers, and Austin Design Week helps to do just that. ADW allows the space to open the eyes of designers and non-designers alike to see how much of an impact design has on our community. During ADW we will give insight on our design process for the new boardwalk benches at Lady Bird Lake and our design collaboration with Foundation Communities.

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The Boardwalk Benches: Reclamation to Realization will be a self-guided tour of the newly installed benches along the Lady Bird Lake Boardwalk. This tour will illustrate the vision, funding, design, sustainable sourcing, fabrication and installation process for this project. The Boardwalk Benches was a collaboration between The Trail Foundation, Studio Balcones, Hatch Workshop and the Urban Forest Grant.

November 5


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We will also host a workshop with Foundations Communities that will focus on the collaborative process of designing for affordable housing. We hope to better prepare designers for creating more spaces that are equitable, affordable, and maintainable. Let us open the door to designing more of these spaces in and around Austin.

November 7

10am – 11am

Studio Balcones

702 San Antonio St.

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