Dwelling in Zilker

Studio Balcones is back in Dwell! This time for an Austin gabled house in the Zilker neighborhood as part of the magazine’s indoor/outdoor living feature. Pick up a copy and check out how the home, designed by architect R. Burton Baldridge, seamlessly connects the interior spaces with the outdoors. Lawn terraces with steel edging and drought-tolerant, native […]

Women in Design Brunch

On Sunday, February 28, 2016, we hosted our second Women in Design brunch at one of our favorite projects, the Greenway Residence. The idea for the brunch was hatched back in 2012 by Cindy Black of Hello Kitchen and Studio Balcones. This year’s event grew to include Emily Little of Clayton & Little and Laura Roberts […]

Palm Tree Crane Day!

We’re excited to see the landscape going in at Benji’s Cantina!  Today was a big milestone – a crane brought two palm trees into the courtyard! Here are some photos for you to enjoy!  We’ll be adding more later, so check back in!  

Plaza Saltillo Volunteer Day!

This past Saturday, Capital Metro organized a Spring Volunteer Day for weeding and pruning at Plaza Saltillo. 15 volunteers came out and helped spiff the plaza up, making it ready for a new year! Check out the Capital Metro Blog Post and the Friends of Plaza Saltillo Facebook Group for more photos. “Join” the Facebook […]