• Project Type Civic/Institutional

  • Location Austin, TX

  • Status Complete

  • Collaborators H+UO Architects

Austin Ridge Bible Church

Austin Ridge Bible Church added a third building to its Southwest Austin Campus, creating the opportunity for a new courtyard at the nexus of the three buildings.

Working collaboratively with H+UO and the Advisory Committee, we developed the courtyard concept to fit the needs of a growing congregation. Also, as the site is in a more rural area, it was important that the planting design fit into the context of the Hill Country. The native planting palette highlights spring and fall seasonal color with golden grasses in the fall, flowering understory trees in the spring, and red berries in the winter.  

The central feature is a deck which accommodates three existing heritage oaks, bridging over an ephemeral dry creek for stormwater management, and creating an accessible pathway between the main Sanctuary Building and the new 16,500 square foot Children & Student Ministry Building. This deck and the shade structure form the new heart of the Campus, allowing a place for the congregation to gather after worship services and to hold outdoor events or classes.  Accessibility at this campus is extremely important as one of the main programs in the Ministry Building is Embrace – a resource center for families with children that have special needs.