• Project Type Civic/Institutional

  • Location San Antonio, TX

  • Status Complete

  • Collaborators San Antonio River Authority

PASA Riverwalk Art Garden

Studio Balcones designed a new street-level garden and renovated existing garden areas along the San Antonio River Walk 1968 extension known as the San Antonio T, as part of the ongoing process of re-imagining the River Walk as a public art garden for its Tricentennial celebration.

The new San Antonio T public art garden features a combination of permanent public art works (Pedro Reyes, and Sebastian among others)
and an initiative meant to bring public art to other districts of San Antonio through rotating and temporary installations. The proposed plan includes an innovative touring component that is meant to tie downtown San Antonio with districts and neighborhoods throughout the city. The garden plans builds upon the historic and iconic subtropical flora of San Antonio and the River Walk, and combines it with native plants of the region previously underutilized in the City for conserving irrigation water use and reducing maintenance.