Trail Foundation Boardwalk Furnishings

trail pictureIn collaboration with the Trail Foundation, Studio Balcones is working to design a set of furnishings for rest, relaxation, and remembrance along the Boardwalk at Lady Bird Lake. These benches have been designed to harmoniously blend in  with the surrounding built and natural environments and will be placed throughout the 1.2-mile Boardwalk for all to enjoy. Using reclaimed white oak trees collected by the City of Austin’s Urban Forestry Grant Program and fabricated by Hatch Workshop, these benches will be physical representations of Austin’s commitment to ecological restoration. Below is some of the conceptual imagery created for the project. Keep an eye out for the real deal, expected to arrive by the end of the year!


The furnishings will be placed at each of the ten nodes of the Boardwalk.

trail picture

Austin Boardwalk Conceptual Sketches

Austin Boardwalk Furnishings

Austin Boardwalk Bench Renderings



We were inspired by the works of American artists, Sol Lewitt and Frank Stella, who specialize in minimalist and abstract art. We even named two of our furnishings after them, the Sol and the Stella.

resized giorgio

We also pulled from the work of Italian artist, Giorgio Morandi, who inspired us to create a collection of similar yet varying furnishings, designed to complement each other through their unique use of lines and color.


Austin Boardwalk Bench Renderings Bench rendering

Here are a few conceptual renderings of the furnishings. We can’t wait to see Hatch Workshop and Kincannon Studio bring them to life!


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