• Project Type Residential

  • Location Austin, TX

  • Status Complete

  • Collaborators Clayton & Little Architects

Greenway Residence

In Central Austin, a retired couple purchased a home on a half-acre lot with 10 heritage and protected trees backing up to Waller Creek.

A driveway/curb cut needed to be incorporated into the design that respected the protected trees and the Clients’ charge to make the house completely ADA accessible. Studio Balcones envisioned the site as a wooded garden, with native understory plantings, pervious gravel walkways, and very little lawn. In the front, subtle terraces, native plantings, and a concrete and gravel banded driveway create a welcoming and intimate courtyard space. Studio Balcones collaborated with Clayton & Little Architects to blur the line between the house and landscape; the back deck, screened porch and landscape terraces all work in harmony. A small, steel-edged amphitheater and stage are cut into the grade to create a performance/gathering space for three generations of a very creative family. The project also includes a 12,000-gallon rainwater harvesting system, with one above-ground cistern and two water collection bladders in the house’s crawl space.