• Project Type Commercial

  • Location Austin, TX

  • Status Complete

  • Collaborators H+UO Architects, Axiom Civil Engineers

Homestead Oaks Apartments

Homestead Oaks is a multi-family Foundation Communities affordable housing project on Slaughter Lane.

The 135 residential unit project includes a learning center, nature-based playgrounds, a play field, basketball court, dog park, and numerous walking and running trails. The site, formerly a homestead and dog training facility, is largely undisturbed and heavily wooded with Live Oaks, Red Oaks, Texas Persimmons and Yaupon Hollies. It sits inside the Barton Springs SOS district, has a small dry creek on the property, and is home to more than 100 City of Austin Protected and Heritage size trees. Working with HU+O Architects and Axiom Civil Engineers, the design touches the land as lightly as possible, respecting both the SOS regulations and COA water quality requirements. Sustainable design measures include rainwater harvesting, purple pipe irrigation, permeable concrete, and all native plantings.