• Project Type Commercial

  • Location Austin, TX

  • Status Complete

  • Awards 2020 Cool House Tour

  • Collaborators Foundation Communities

The Jordan at Mueller

The Jordan is an affordable 4-story housing project in Mueller with a landscape design that functions to reduce heat island effect, mitigate stormwater runoff and minimize water consumption.

The landscape consists of a welcoming streetscape and two internal courtyards. The courtyards feature mounded berms for play, shaded paved areas for dining and socializing, and lush plantings throughout. The streetscape consists of a divided sidewalk and bike path, bike racks, BBQ zones, and generous plantings with numerous shade trees. This project utilizes native + adapted planting throughout property to minimize water consumption by over 100%. Permeable pavers are used in the courtyards to reduce stormwater runoff and reclaimed water is used for all irrigation. Approximately 30% of the total lot, is shaded by tree canopy at maturity to reduce heat island effect. This project was chosen for the 2020 Cool House Tour.