• Project Type Residential

  • Location Austin, TX

  • Status Complete

  • Collaborators FKF Studio, River Rock Landscape, Studio A Group

Westlake Residence

This house on a hill, with amazing views to downtown Austin, required skillful grading maneuvers to accommodate pathways, a pool, and spaces for play.

The landscape design embraces a gradient of formality, with more manicured plantings and detailed hardscape hugging the house, while a less formal design language of exposed limestone cuts, boulder walls, and hardy drought tolerant plantings is used farther away from the home.

The four landscape zones include the forested/meadow driveway entrance, the dramatically detailed and planted stepped house entrance, the retained pool terrace with concrete hardscape and steel planters, and the wilder periphery with exposed limestone cuts, boulder walls, and native grasses. Over 230 caliper inches of trees were planted on site to create a future forest that will provide shade and cover for both animals and people.