• Project Type Residential

  • Location Austin, TX

  • Status Completed

  • Awards AIA Homes Tour

  • Collaborators McCollum Studio, Shoberg Homes, Austin Groundskeeper

Ledgeway Modern

Nestled on a serene hillside that backs up to a wooded spring fed creek, the Ledgeway Modern landscape is full of native grasses, wildflowers, and shrubs on a beautifully terraced sloped site.

Ledgeway Modern’s open-plan living space is designed to maximize natural light and provide numerous views to different outdoor spaces. The entry courtyard is a quiet and somewhat formal garden that showcases the Client’s chosen sculpture, while the office courtyard, with its meticulous layered stonework, frames a living sculptural Texas Persimmon. The living room leads to a shady pool deck that overlooks the creek below and is planted with large leaved and lush plants.

While the frontyard includes a small bit of lawn, it is artfully framed by large plantings of native grasses and perennials that attract and feed birds and bees all year long. Limestone steps gracefully navigate the grade from the street to the house and the driveway – paved with permeable pavers – doubles as an attractive side courtyard surrounded by native Turks Cap, Sea Oats, Oaks and Cedar Elms.

For the home owners to enjoy the spring-fed creek, we created paths and places to sit under the shade and enjoy the cool. We also planted additional natives trees and shrubs and removed invasives to help improve the creek space. The east side of the house was seeded with a native grass and wildflower mix and also includes a small fenced in dog run.

Whether relaxing in the sun-drenched living room with views to the various courtyards, enjoying the shaded and lush pool area, or sitting under the blooming Mexican Plum trees adjacent the creek, the Ledgeway Modern project offers a harmonious blend of contemporary living and natural beauty. In addition, the home collects rainfall and harnesses solar energy to minimize its carbon footprint and help preserve the surrounding Hill Country ecology.

ledgeway modern front yard
ledgeway modern pool
ledgeway modern art courtyard
ledgeway modern mealy sage
ledgeway modern trails